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March 28th, 2007

It's been a while @ 06:35 pm

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Wahaaaaaaa I don't knwo what's wrong with my Lj, but it won't me post so I'll just post these two videos:

KAT-TUN Singing Feel your Breeze. Their little here, Koki still had hair.

KanJani 8 Dream Boy Melody, including the one I call my sunshine song, it's really cute they dance with a sun. Just ingoring Ryo being there, I do it all the time.

February 24th, 2007

Happy Birthday Shinya and Kirito. @ 03:12 pm

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February 23rd, 2007

Happy Birthday Kame-chan! @ 07:46 pm

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February 5th, 2007

OMFG! I saw Dir en grey live! @ 11:34 pm

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Dir en grey performed live at Roxy Theater in Atlanta. I still can't believe I got to go. Sam rode with me and NaeNae and Shanna rode together. We kept calling each on our phones trying to keep up with each other.

Sam and me slept most of the way there, cause we decided to stay up until 3:30 that morning. We couldn't help it. I was so smart we watched Saw 3 and NaeNae you know how jumpy I am. I jumped on MoonChild for god sakes. I wasn't scared as much as I was grossed out. Cause I can't stand like preicings being ripped out, and thats what one of the games done. But on one of the games I said the dudes foot looked like potted meat.

Then Jigsaw was using a pig! I screamed at the screen you murdered Jin! We both giggled, then my mom woke us up at 5:30, and get this me and Sam were ready before them. But I guess it was cause we were going to see the concert. We got to Atlanta around 3:30 4:00, my step dad got lost trying to find the theater and decided to stop and look at the Antique Mall he had saw while looking for it.

Man the status were bigger than me! It was sort of scary. Not really but they had a cow, I wanted to have the cow but it wouldn't fit in the car. After that we checked into a hotel, Me and Sam were about to go eat. But then NaeNae calls us and their already there. So we hightail it back home and head out to the theater.

My parents dropped us off back by the tour bus, oh my god we flipped. But I flipped out when I saw the line of people already there and in the next car to us there was a Kon plushies and I scream look it's Kon! My mom was confused. My step dad shook his head at me. We got in line and we met this girl named Stephine, she was a pretty cool girl.

Then these two cute asian boys came up behind us, there was one in a black jacket, I thought he was so cute. And Sam thought the one in the grey was cute. We were squealing, we couldn't help it. Sam kept saying must not glomp all asian people must not glomp all asian people. NaeNae called us again and we couldn't find her. So me and Sam decided we'd scream Shinya really loud.

They didn't hear us, after another 5 minutes NaeNae called again. So we finally found them. You couldn't miss them for the world. NaeNae had bright red hair, Shanna had blue and purple streaked through hers, and their new friend Mercedes. We were hyper and cold but we didnt care about the cold we were happy to be there. After a fews minutes of talking and introducing everybody, Mercedes called me cute and said she had to hug me. I didn't mind, she was awsome. She was dressed in red and black plaid. I loved her hair, she had pink and purple, her make up was killer. When I figure out how to send my pictures from my phone I'll post some pictures. I didnt get none of Diru, cause cameras wasnt allowed but I got some pictures of our friends.

While we were standing outside, we could hear the bands doing a sound check, it was awsome! We would scream as we would get closer to the doors, and on the white walls, people wrote:
"We want Kyo's penis." or the other one was:
"Kyo needs his penis."
We finally got around to the front of the theater, omg our whole group screamed as we saw the poster of Diru. We were trying to keep together sowe could watch the concert together. We walked by a table selling Diru stuff, but I had a hold of Shanna, which NaeNae was pulling her trying to keep up with Mercedes and Stephine. There were two bands opening for Dir en grey, the first one was Bleeding the Dream, they were alright. They knew we werent there for them but we were there for Dir en grey. But the second band Fair to Midland sucked big time. It's not like I dont like techno, but their stuff sucked. Like at the being of their songs it had like an intro " what time is it?" and some one shouted "Time for you to get off the stage." And my little group of friends started chanting Dir en grey. But through out the time where the other two bands were playing, we kept seeing people peek through this yellow tinted glass, we like to believe it was the guys from Diru.

After the second band was done, they started preparing for Dir en grey, they brought out Toshiya's bass, and Shanna was behind me screaming and spazzing "That's Toshiya's bass that's his bass." Then they brought out Die's mic stand, and the whole time I'm begging please uncover Shinya's drums. And we they finally the did, the hold crowd went up in a uproar. I forgot who came out first all I know I screamed my head off, then Kaoru came on being his dorky self, raising his hands over his head to beckon for more screaming, which everybody gave him. Then oh my god I laid my eyes on Shinya! I know I was screaming. I mean come on now I'm a Shinya fangirl, but I love them all. I scream for Die and Toshiya. And when Kyo came out it was like oh my god.Throught out the whole concert I screamed for Shinya and the rest. When the music started the wave started it wasn't too bad at first, we were just really pack together.

This one dude had his knee in my ass, ok I may hav ea non-exsited one, but still it hurt! I know NaeNae was off to the side of me when the wave started and Shanna was behind, cause let me infront of her cause I couldn't see. Next thing I know I'm in the middle and getting shoved around, I know it was a rock concert, but it was hard trying to hold your ground and jump at the same time. But then I got squished up against this really cute guy. They kept pushing me into him, though I didnt mind, besides I had a very good veiw of Kyo and Shinya. But then this one guy that was bigger than me jump next to me and like started moshing. knocking me into the cute guy. So after getting pushed around a little bit more, I ask him if I could hold on to him so I wouldn't get squished and he said sure. So I was clinging on to him while watching Kyo be sexy and Shinya play his drums, man was he awsome.

Oh my god when Kyo got up on that box,I could have died. He done his sexy dance, I scream and I swear I heard NaeNae in one point in time. I saw Kyo's boxers, one of the highlights of my nights. Another would be when Kyo poured water out of the bucket, and put it on his head. Oh and hte bucket said Rape me. I want to get one for Shinya ^^ I'd rape him, lol. Oh it was either Toshiya or Kaoru, but I got spaired with their water. God sometimes it sucks to be so short and small, after I got pushed to the back and met my hero, his name is Roth. I stayed with him the rest of the concert cause I wasnt about to find none of my friends, and he was sweet enough to watch out for me so I wouldn't get hurt to bad.Well this one dude that was infront of me, that I didnt noticed coming at me full force, I mean I was too busy watching Kyo looking sexy and Shinya playing on his drummers like there is no tomorrow, while trying to see Karou and Toshiya. I could see Kyo, Shinya and Die but I had a hard time seeing Toshiya and Kaoru. But this dude slammed into me sending me backwards. He hit me so hard I lost my breath. He left a bruise on my chest.

When Diru stop for the break, everybody was screaming and this old man kept looking back at me and Roth, because I was screaming. I couldn't help it, it was my very first concert. Roth kept laughing at me, cause I wouldn't kept still. I had two coats tied around my waist, mine and NaeNae's. I kept jumping for a few minutes and stop and shimmy my coats backup. After the concert was over, and I was walking out with Roth and hoping to find either Sam or NaeNae, I screamed one last time, Shinya!! And I asked Roth to stand with me in line to get a shirt and a dvd. He agreed, and I think he ran into his friend.Then Sam walked by us and I called her over to where I was, and she saw Roth, the first thing she tells him is: Careful she likes to glomp asians. I swear I blushed, I didn't mean to. Once we where out of the concert hall thingy, I reliased that Roth was the same guy I thought was cute that was behind me and Sam when we first got there. We found NaeNae and Shanna, I gave NaeNae's jacket back, and I told them I'd be right back, so I could go say bye to Roth. Oh he asked me for my e-mail address. So I kept in touch with someone. I hope we can find Mercedes somewhere, I think she has an lj not sure.
On the whole way home me and Sam kepting talking about how kawaii Shinya was, and how sexy Kyo looked and Toshiya and dorky lovable Kaoru. And of course Die. All in all it was awsome, and if I had a chance to change any of it I wouldn't. Well since I dont have anyway pictures so I'll give you some videos:

Yurameki by Dir en grey, I love this song, I call it my boucny song.lol

Ryoujoku no ame, one of the songs they done live.


January 31st, 2007

Happy Birthday Yabu!!!! @ 06:01 pm

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Happy Birthday Yabu!

Yabu when he was little, so cute!!!

Yabu grown up.

He's growing up, what happened to him being little? Well everybody has to grow up someday.

Anyways let's see what happened today... first block wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. We're learning a new song, its a meldey. It has Hit with your best shot, which I'm still singing right now. I played with my camera, I took pictures of Tiffany and then someone took pictures of me and her together. Second block was a complete shock to me, Mrs. Mendhem and Mrs.Matthews had to switch classes, and I didnt know this. But I've heard NaeNae and Kerry talk about Mrs.Matthews, NaeNae referred to a clown, which doesnt settle with me well since I'm scared of clowns.

I walked into her class and tried hard not to stare at her make-up. Everybody says she looks like New York's mom. And she kinda does. I sat by Kyle, and he told me what Drew told him yesterday. Drew told Kyle that me and him need to date. Where that came from I dont know, as much as I love Drew but I havent talked to him since after the Home Coming dance. Oh well Drew's Drew, that's he's excuse.

Lunch started off quite for me, I wasn't really talkitive cause I didnt know if they were mad at me or not soI contented myself with watching my friends goof off, and the Sha Rhonda started telling me what happened in Mr. White's class. She had to be the girl that giggled and said our campain thingy, nobody told me that I had to do the comerical they told me I was doing the radio ad. Then NaeNae gave me some cookie which surprised me at first. But then after she turned around I glomped her ^^. And told her that I rabu her. Then Kerry took that as a cue to start harassing me again.

He went to pick me up and when he did his head hit NaeNae's jaw. He thought it was me, but all he did to me was squeezed me to death. 3rd block yet again me and Sha Rhonda played with my camera. This one boy recorded me and her and the rest of the shop. In fourth block, we had to listen to the High School Musical, gahaaaa I hate that movie as it I hadn't seen it enough with my neices. Bear was being an idiot again. Ms. Capan was wrong for what she did. She told us that she had a song for us to learn, so I thought ok we have a new song. Then she said I know some of yall are going to get mad at me,but remember this song is only for kicks. I had a bad feeling after that. When she came to me and handed me the music I fell out of my chair and Matt started yelling. The rest of the people didnt know what to think about our reactions. She gave us Hey Ho! She made concert choir do it last year. Matt and me were in Concert Choir last year.

So we went through the horrors of that blasted song. It confused the chorus last year, adn it confused this chorus more this year. Ms. Capan was laughing at me and Matt, cause we were doing the dance we did to that song. I think she didn't think we would remember it. Well thats about it.

Oh 2 more days until the Dir en grey concert!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want Shinya! he is one of the sexiest drummer, besides Yoshiki that is ^_^.

Onto the videos:

Ya-Ya-Yah Stompin'

Yabu's solo Angel Come Me.


January 22nd, 2007

Cupcakes, Cookies and Bunnies. @ 05:36 pm

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I actually ate breakfast this morning... well sort of. I had 2 cupcakes for breakfast, maybe thats why I was hyper during lunch. Gahaaa it rained all day long. When my step dad dropped me off at school I had to walk around to the new gym, I didnt know that there was a huge puddle, and what do I do? Step right in it and it splashed all up my leg. My pants are still wet, and that happened at 7:30 this morning. To say the least I wasnt a happy camper. I got out to break late so I didnt really get to talk or goof off. But I still saw everyone.

At lunch me and NaeNae were hyper as crap, we were bouncing around singing circle circle dot dot, Kerry bough us some cookies, which just added to my sugar level greatly. At one point NaeNae grabbed a hold to Kerry and started to swing him around, I wasnt paying attention and the next thing I knew he grabbed me and all I saw was the trash can and a pole. I screamed out dont grabbed the midget! After that we bounced some more adn then the bell rung.

Mr.White had to put up with me and Sha Rhonda squealing and singing Ready Steady Go the whole block, I think he was on the verge of hitting us.

OH MY Yoshiki! I was scarred for life in 4th block, Bear of course the main person who bugs me in 4th block. Well it was 10 minutes before the bell rung. I was talking to KiKi, we looked over and bears ass was in our face! We both screamed we were going to have nightmares for a week. Matt just laughed and ask if it would make us feel better if he showed us his ass. How I got in this crazy class I'll never know but there is never a dull moment.

Let's move on to the videos:

Circle Circle Dot Dot, the same song me and NaeNae was singing and councing around to at lunch.

Tegoshi singing Sunadokie, Maru is in there as well, but its Koyama Tegoshi love.( Koyama x Tegoshi is my OTP)


January 20th, 2007

Boredom. @ 02:42 pm

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Gahaaaaa I'm bored, mom wont let me go to NaeNae's last night and she wont tell me if I can go today. I hope she lets me. Anyways they got me a new computer and I hate it. It erased all of my stuff my most of my picture and all of my videos, but I managed to save my music and fan fics. I would have cried if I had lost them.

Sometimes I wonder if my little sister is adopted or if I'm adopted. Cause she's all emo and I'm happy and goofy most of the time. She even listens to those emo bands, god I wish I could trade my little sister sometimes. Anyways I hope my neice will be alright, I just found out that she's sick in the hosptil, but nobody will tell what happened and I hate that. I hope I can go see her next weekend.

My little fluff ball, Menchi is of course being evil, but she's cute so it works out. She's so smart she got stuck underneath my stepping stool, i laughted so hard at her my sides hurt but I helped her out.
Anyways lets get on to the videos:

Kanjani 8 Naniwa Iroha Bushi, its stuck in my head. But this is one of my fave Kanjani 8 song, I just ingore the fact Ryo's in there. lol, no offense to Ryo fans.

Key of Life Maru's new solo, I love it. *swoons*

Enjoy ^^

January 16th, 2007

I hate stairs and stairs hate me. @ 06:38 pm

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Gahaaaa I hate stairs and they hate me as well, honestly you'd think someone would let you know if the stairs were broke, but no they cant do that. The damned stair broke while I was on it and i hurt my ankle. So that really sucked.

So I did nothing all day long, anyways lets talk about the weekend. I had a blast, of course I went to NaeNae's, where else do I go? But anyways Shanna was there too. We had fun, they entertained me with their agruing. But it was all in good fun, we also danced like dorks, but it was fun. They locked me out of the room, adn I had to guess the password, and here's how that went:

NaeNae: You have to guess the password.
Me: I didnt know there was a password, umm..
NaeNae: Guess
Me: Umm Give me a hint.
NaeNae: We were just talking about it.
Me: Massu?
NaeNae: No
Me: YamaPi pimp pirate.
NaeNea: No
Me: Who is it NEWS or KAT-TUN (one of my many bakanishi jr moments)
NaeNae/Shanna: You did you just say?
NaeNae: Duh.
Me: Tegoshi! (by then I ran out of things)
NaeNae: No
Me: MasuPi (Massu X Pi)
NaeNae: Tegoshi?

lol not exeactly how it went but it went mostly like that, we ended up sleeping on the floor, cause NaeNae's bed wasnt big enough for all 3 of us. I pass out first, dont remember what time. But then Shanna had to go leaving me and NaeNae.

Which later on the night we decided to have snack/movie night. We made a video of Ueda(NeaNae) Maru(Me) saying we missed our Kame(Shanna of course) Then we stuffed our faces.
Our brains are being taking over by pirates and peguins for me. First KAT-TUN do the pirate theme as purple pirates, now NEWS, the rainbow pirates. As for the quote at says: One by one the peguins are stealing my sanity. It holds true for me, someone wrote a fic, the referred Maru to a peguin, hence the beginning of my peguin obession.

Now Tegoshi,is going to play the voice of Mumbles in Happy Feet, another peguin to steal my sanity. Anyways lets move on to videos:

Maru My Weather. I love his voice.

NEWS Sayaendou, pirates! Tegoshi is so cute!!!!!

January 9th, 2007

I woke up late and missed the bus. @ 05:12 pm

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Wahaaaaaaa I woke up late this morning, missed my bus. And they still haven’t changed my classes yet. So I’m sort of stuck at the moment. Cause I’m in the wrong class and Mr. White sees it as I get to do all the work in the shop. That’s not cool, it sucks because Sha Shonda isn’t with me to entertain me. Man, lunch sucks I wish I had A B or C I just want one other than D, cause one all the food is gone by the time I eat, but that’s not what bothers me the most. I have no one to talk to.

Chorus is one hell of a class, especially since it has Kim Bear and Matt in it. To say the least that class never has a dull moment. There is this little weird white boy in that class with us, and Bear decided to take him underneath his wing so to speak. So I have this white weird boy acting like Bear. That is very wrong but oh so funny. You see Bear is this hyper black boy, which he loves to dance, he drops it like it’s hot, he can pop, and he says he wants to be a stripper. Now Seamore, he really does fit in with anybody is acting like Bear, imagination that then you’ll have my class today. If the kid wants to fit in, he doesn’t need be copying Bear.

They cut down a big oak tree that was outside my apartment building, it looks funny now. I miss it, it’s gonna take me awhile to get use to it being there.

Mrs. Mendheim is a trip, but she’s awesome. She said the word bitch today in class, which shocked the class, but I had an early warning on how she is. Kyle (Whore) is in this class with me until he can get his classes changed. Mrs. Mendheim had fun with Whip’s name, she told all the class to say his name aloud. Speaking of Mrs. Mendheim I have homework in her class so I gotta go finish but before I go here is some videos:

Junno tap dancing and juggling while Maru beat boxes, only JE boys would come up with this, but hey it’s JunRu love ^^

Another KAT-TUN clip.


January 8th, 2007

New classes oh what joy. @ 07:00 pm

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First day back from our winter break, I was glad to see everybody but I still didn’t want to get up. Well the bus ride I listened to my i-pod which is normal, until some other people get on. Then I talk with a couple of people. When we got to school it looked so dead. I didn’t know if the bell had rung or not. I got to homeroom I got my report card. I passed all my classes but one. Take a guess as to what I failed. Math I failed math, but that isn’t surprising though cause I suck at math anyways. Oh my Yoshiki they messed up my classes.

Ok I have this computer class first block I’m suppose to be in the third block class though, their first mess up. Second block English the only one they got right and its with Mrs. Mendheim, this is going to be fun. Third block Fashion Dynamics, I didn’t even sign up for this class. I can’t sew worth a darn; anyways I’m suppose to have Digital Image class this block. And their last screw up of my classes, fourth block I have concert choir, but I’m suppose to be in Ladies Ensemble. But my lucky I end up in the same class as Bear.

I love him to death but dear god I can only put up with him so long. I’m hoping that I
can get this fixed by the end of this week. They also messed with the lunches again, ok NaeNae and I were suppose to have lunch together this time. But I didn’t know that they had separated the science building, the top floor has A lunch and the bottom floor has D lunch. I don’t really care what lunch I have, but I do care that I’m alone in that lunch. Me and poor Crystal are stuck by yourselves in D lunch.

Mr. White loves picking on despite the fact that its first block and I’m not really awake yet. I came in the door of his room the first words out of his mouth were Aren’t you a little early for 3 block. I would laugh but I wasn’t in the mood I was still asleep. I was scared I was gonna miss break because of the DTC buses always being late, but they weren’t late this morn so I got to see everybody. I didn’t even have time to open my mouth to say hi to the group, before Kerry grabbed me and squeezed me until I screamed. Then he kept picking me up and hugging me.

Everybody laughed when I scream I’m not a rag doll! Mrs. Mendheim is awesome, she called me a midget! But since she’s a cool teacher I’ll let her by with that. I feel sorry for this boy in my second block because of his name. Its Whip William oh does Mrs. Mendheim have fun with that. Lets see third block don’t get my wrong but I’m not the one for sewing, I hurt myself already I don’t need help doing it. I bit into a glow stick, one of my many Bakanishi moments. But whoever decided to stick me in this class is crazy. I’m going to look like a pin cushion after I’m finished. Not only that but you have to draw, sure I draw for fun but I’m no good at it. I hope I can get a computer class.

Fourth block was wild, but what do you expect when you put Bear and Matt together? I just hope Mac doesn’t transfer before I get out of there or I’m probably gonna see some more white booty that I never really wanted to see. Sometime I wonder about Bear and Mac. Oh well it least its good entertainment.

Anyways let move onto the videos:

Tegoshi from NEWS singing You World is Yours.

Tata Young Sexy Naughty Bitchy, I love this song. ^^